I have to say, it's a little strange sitting here in front of a Blogger screen again. I've been blogging since 1999, and journaling for about 16 years. After one of my friendships ended a few years back, I decided to delete my last blogger. Years of crafting and thoughts, all deleted with the click of a button. I thought that I was spreading myself thin, which is probably true. I had blogs all over the internet, separated by themes and content. Even today, I still have several out there, a few still quite active.

So, the question remains: Why make another one? Well, I've discovered that Livejournal is very enclosed. It's very difficult to gain new readership there. While that was a positive at several points of my life (after bad breakups, friendships ending, being fired, etc...), I find myself wanting to reach out again and return to my routes of the open journal. Most of my very private moments will remain there, in a place that I feel is fairly safe from prying eyes.

I'm pretty excited about this. It's a new beginning, to be sure. I hope, if you are reading this, that you enjoy you're stay. I'll try to keep it interesting, I promise!